As most of you know Paint It Like New! Toronto took part in the follow the yellow brick road pride event happening on the lakeshore and it was FANTASTIC.

Not only did we get to reach out and be part this great community we also got to play and have fun with everyone in our  photo booth! 10448567_639858839438884_2992207539990094182_o

It was fantastic, everyone had a great time including us (we defiantly got silly and took millions of pictures ) We got to interact with the people in our community and learn more out the neighbourhood we have moved to and all the amazing and  and supportive people that live around us.

Even Dorothy came by to visit!


A big thanks goes out to the people who came out to support Toronto World Pride 2014 and the Follow The Yellow Brick Road event.

Your support means so much to the LGBTT community as well as us!

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