One of the best parts of our job at Paint It Like New! Inc. is the research we do to find new trends and designs that inspire us and help our clients achieve the look they are going for. The one trend that kept popping up when we were scouring  Pinterest, Houzz and many many magazines (Its a hard job but someone has to do it!) was furniture and kitchens painted in two tones.

We have sprayed our own Upcycle pieces as well as some clients pieces that way and thought it was time to share this ever growing trend with the rest of you.

 Below are three great examples of how to bring the two tone look into any space in your home, giving it a dynamic and modern update!


  This lovely three drawer dresser is a look we have used in our store and it has been a huge hit! By just spraying the shell and handles you bring a refreshing look to out of date pieces that you have lying around your home! This look is fantastic for Midcentury Modern pieces by freshening the piece up  but still having that retro vibe.


This next example of using a two tone look is in a bigger space like a kitchen. This reads best in larger/more open kitchens and helps guide the eye throughout the whole space. It’s a great way to use the pieces you have and making them the focal point of the room. Who needs granite countertops when you have awesome two tone cabinets?

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.56.34 PM

Lastly we have a classic secretary that is absolutely stunning. They best thing about this is with the lid up you have a soft but modern piece that flows well in the space, but the second it is opened up BAM you have a dynamic focal point. You are almost getting two looks in one!

We hope you have been inspired to transform your space and bring the two tone trend into your home! If you are looking for a quote fill out our quote form here with a photo and the some measurements of the pieces you would like to have sprayed!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!