Exciting news from the crew at Paint it Like New! Inc:

Back in June when we were all kicking up our heels and hitting the beach, Paint it Like New! was working on a top secret project for this years Toronto Fall Home Show’s Upcycle challenge sponsored by Rustoleum in participation with Habitat for Humanity! We searched and scoured Restore’s throughout the GTA. Our challenge was to take ANYTHING -OH YEAH LIKE THAT’S A CHALLENGE!- and Upcyle it to make something new. In case you’re new to what we do, THAT’S KIND OF WHAT WE DO! It’s our thing, so naturally we accepted the challenge! Our “theme” if you will, was industrial. We found a chandelier, that had amazing potential- if you’ve never been to a Restore YOU NEED TO GO, this place is seriously a haven of incredible pieces at unbelievable prices, in other words Holy Grail- the light fixture was triangular with 3 downward facing lights ($60) and then we found plastic cages for a whopping $1 per cage. With a few trims and an attachment or two we had secured the cages to the frame of the chandelier. Next it was sprayed in an oil rubbed bronze colour which was fantastic for getting that “aged” look. Once everything was sprayed we bought some Edison light bulbs and our new chandelier was off to the show!

We would love if you would take a second to vote for Paint it Like New! Inc here: http://a.pgtb.me/zwk2fr however we won’t be offended if you vote for someone else! The challengers this year were AMAZING and everyone did a great job! Good luck to all the participants and may the best upcycler win!