As a true Canadian, we are always discussing the current weather patterns and counting the days until Spring. At Paint It Like New! Inc. we plan our marketing months in advance. We are currently picking our art work for the April Issues of decorating magazines. With the warm winter we have experienced so far, it is difficult not to start thinking about the great outdoors.

As you may remember, I moved last summer. In September I managed to get the new fence installed, the back yard regraded and some basic planting done. As part of the interior renovation, we installed a new door off of the dining room and a small deck to the outside. The final job was a new cedar shingle roof for the original gazebo on the property which was completed in October! (Thanks Dave and Terry!!)


Some before pictures. The new deck is just off to the side. There was an old metal shed beside the pile of bricks. No, not very pretty…and VERY OVERGROWN…giant ferns…..ugh!

Some pictures, after the new fence went up and the ground was regraded. The yard is quite generous in size and it was necessary to divide it into “rooms.”


Some “after” pictures. I wanted a streamlined, modern look to the yard. The horizontal fence that is all over Pinterest was my inspiration.

Inspiration fenceI’m still not sure about staining it….lots of upkeep. But I am staining the small deck off the patio door and re-staining the exterior of the gazebo in Sealskin sw7675 from Sherwin Williams. I had the exterior brick on my house painted in Sealskin….and I love it.

Now the dreaming and planning begins. I have decided to place the the Adirondack chairs on the patio with the fireplace. Should I keep the sleek black or spray them another colour? The new deck going into the side yard will house the outdoor sofa, coffee table and have a giant umbrella to enclose it. I am putting planter boxes along one side of the deck as a “fence” and to give it that feeling of coziness. I’m also going to make some cement balls from Pinterest for the gardens. I love projects like that and the best part, they can’t be over watered! Happy dreaming!