You may remember the incident of the white and gold dress that was widely circulated on the internet last month. If you don’t let me recap!


Many of us saw white and gold, however it turns out we were wrong! The dress was made in black and blue and caused a massive world wide dispute. Turns out we have controversial customers as well! JUST KIDDING!

We just wanted to share with you some paint-spiration from our imaginative customer Nicole! Hi Nicole! Her plan- there were multiple- was to two tone a set of french provincial dressers that she had since she was a wee young thing. They were all in great condition, but a bit tired and not the two tone she was after. The dressers were originally sprayed white and had gold detail in the recessed trim. Nicole’s vision was to take the gold colour and colour block it at the bottom with a soft, crisp white on top.

Since pinterest is a huge part of the design/dreamer industry, it was pretty easy to pull up a few pieces as inspiration. We began the project by spraying the base colour white dove. Then, carefully taping off the top halves of the dresser and nightstands using an iPhone level- yes, there’s an app for that.. we sprayed a colour coats of a yellow gold that was very bold. The pieces were finished off by reusing her existing hardware but spraying it in the gold colour used for the bottoms.

Here’s how they turned out:



Now the only question left is; Are the dressers white and gold or black and blue?