Paint It Like New! Inc. was established in March 2009.  From the beginning our goal was to be environmentally friendly.  The idea of re-using and re-purposing furniture and making-over furniture we already owned, held huge appeal!!  We had been going to garage sales and repurposing for years.  As time went on and we had rented larger apartments and then went on to purchase homes, the furniture just didn’t seem to fit our current style. Painting furniture is something that our parents and grand parents had already been doing for years.  But in 2009, low voc paints had just been introduced.  By 2011 more products were available in higher durability and sheen choices.  By having our furniture and doors sprayed took it up to another level completely! Custom being the key word!  Imagine your kitchen doors in a new colour and new handles.  It is affordable and actually means your small budget may have some money leftover for other luxuries. In addition we don’t wrap any of our customers pieces, they bring in sheets, beach towels and blankets to wrap them up for the trip home.

As the years have moved on, we have been exposed to a lot of other green choices.  Refilling your own water bottles, buying local food and clothing, growing your own food, blue box, green box, the list goes on.  With more emphasis made to self care, yoga and natural home remedies, the communities have grown that not only support these natural methods but also help educate us.

With spring and the warmer weather around the corner, April is a perfect month to consider how we can be more supportive to Mother Earth.  Although April 22nd marks Earth Day, we like to consider every day an opportunity to TRY and be more thoughtful.  So turn off those lights, turn off the TV and WIFI and light up some candles and enjoy your family time!!   Whether we prepare more natural food choices instead of eating processed foods, or send the kids to school with refillable water bottles and lunch wrappers, every little bit helps!

When you pull out your patio furniture this spring and see that it’s looking a little tired, instead of getting rid of it, consider spraying it a new colour!  Whether you pick up a paint brush yourself or bring it in to get sprayed, it is the creative opportunity to make your home sing! Fill some pots with herbs and plants that naturally keep away the pesky bugs or plant a bush that encourages butterflies and bumble bees.