A few weeks ago, my husband and I completed a main floor re-no. The dust, chaos and overall disturbance left us feeling like most people after a re-no, that we would never do it again….at least not for 1 year!!  As the final touches were completed my mind turned to small, but happy projects. The finishing touches!! While browsing through one of my decorating magazines I noticed a do-it-yourself bulletin board made by Deb (aka The Designer Guys). It was a wood frame with burlap and nail head details.  Since my kitchen was being sprayed by my own shop in Benjamin Moore’s, Manchester Tan, I really wanted to layer in more of these tones but with texture. I thought this was perfect. Although I could have easily sprayed up a frame, I was looking for a project I could complete in an hour, by myself at home.  The cork board I purchased at Home Depot. I then added a 1/4 inch piece of MDF to the back to add more substance to the finished project. Both pieces were 2′ x 4′. A really nice big  bulletin board! I then covered the cork with batting and then the burlap. After stapling it on the backside, I started adding in the nail head details.  Check out the pictures below. The total cost was about $40.  This same project with a beautiful bright print would also create a piece of art for your kids rooms or even a home office. It was so much fun to do, took no time at all and best of all it took my mind off all of the dust I dirt I was still trying to clean up!!  Distraction is a wonderful thing!!