We run different sales and discounts through out the year.  The most popular ones are the discounts for spraying your kitchen and bathroom doors.  We have decided to make September 10% off kitchens and bathrooms. We like the idea of our customers having both their doors back, counters installed (if they are changing them) and even perhaps changing their wall color, long before the busy entertaining season begins.   Most of our customers will paint the boxes themselves and at the same time change out their wall color.  As most of us know, one change leads to another!!We have some pretty talented customers. Their own personal style and taste comes through in the end result, making each kitchen look very custom.  See for yourself!!


Designed by “Sweet Escapes”



Designed by Manny Pavao


Paint It Like New! owner Janet’s kitchen in her old house!


Paint It Like New! – and Janet’s laundry room!





Scott McGillvray’s makeover for Income Cottages!

What I love about all of these rooms is that a personal choice was made by the designer/customer to make the most of the space while still making it very personal !!  What room speaks to you??  Can you see your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room a different color?? And don’t forget your cottage! Even the most simple spaces deserve a makeover!!