We found this beautiful old table out by the road in the industrial complex by Paint it Like New! It was love at first sight… rose coloured glasses is an understatement, but I was hooked! I loved the architechural arches and balister style legs. The only problem, maybe not the ONLY one, but the biggest eye sore was the table top. It had gauges and chuncks missing from it and you probably wouldn’t want to set anything down on it, especially not anything edible. The first step was to remove the table top (see picture below):

Now that the fun part was over, (I personally enjoyed peeling the boards back and knocking them out!) the hard work began. I went to a lumber store and purchased some wide plank barnboard, or unfinished knotty pine for the lumber conessieurs, some screws, and a few two by four’s. We re-framed the inside of the table to give it support then replaced the end pieces, filled the holes, added some height to the legs of the table, painted it, and then gave it an all over distressed finish.