Everyone has that one person in there life who is impossible to shop for. They have everything and wants nothing but their birthday or the holidays are coming up and you want them to feel special. What to do, what to do! Well Paint It Like New!  Inc. is here to help. We have built Plummeting Planks! An almost 2.5 foot tall party/family game.


The objective is each player must pull a wooden plank from a row and replace it on the top of the tower in the opposite direction of the planks on top. Play until the the tower falls and the last player to have placed the plank on the top is the winner! Now this game may look and sound familiar BUT where in the world are you going to get a life size party game like this?


For $99 (plus HST) you can gift this to the person who has everything. It would also make a fantastic cottage/chalet game and but a great distraction for the kiddies when there home for winter break!


If you are interested in snatching this up for the holidays make sure to call our Toronto location (416)-259-7549 and we will put it on hold for you


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and happy friday!