This past spring I sold my house. I had lived in this house for almost three years. I loved living in downtown Burlington. I had purchased it for it’s charm, the pool and it was just around the corner from my son’s school. But in September 2014 my son started high school and it was quite a distance from our home.  I started to think about downsizing, not having a pool (yes it is a lot of work!) and purchasing in one of my other favorite area’s in Burlington (Aldershot) were Josh would be bused to high school. Plus I had completed the entire house and was ready for a new creative project!!

The house sold and the hunt for my new property began.  When I had purchased this last house I had really wanted a bungalow that I could open up. With a divorce wrapping up, my friends and family encouraged me to purchase a property that wouldn’t be quite as much work……good call!!! But this time, I was rested and ready for the challenge!!  I found the perfect home, a 2 bedroom bungalow on the main floor and a third room above the garage. The basement was finished but needed some sprucing up.

Next I hired a contractor.  I was lucky to meet a talented and enthusiastic group of young men who own “Elite Home Services.” Mike, Tyler and Mark the owners, each have their own highly skilled talents, but as a team, they kick some serious a**!! We walked through the house prior to close (May 15th) and I was able to give them my wish list. With the permits in hand and sub trades hired we were able to hit the ground running. The pictures you see below were all taken before June 4th!!! This is the main area, living room, dining room and kitchen. The kitchen in particular is the area that I worked on with my staff…… I will be posting some afters in the coming weeks!!

Before 1 before 4 before 5 before 6 before 7  demo 2 demo 3 demo 4 demo 5