Oak is probably the most popular type of wood that we spray at Paint It Like New!  Once a very popular choice of wood, in varying colours (golden or the very peachy, pink!) people have grown tired of it. As long as people understand that the grain will still show through after it is painted, spraying your pieces will definitely make it look more current and on trend. I personally find that the darker the colour and softer the sheen, the less the graining shows!  I like the look of black or a black/brown in either satin or eggshell. The pieces often look more substantial and high end in these colour choices.  What better goal to achieve!  Black is definitely the colour of choice. If you look at our gallery page, most pieces are sprayed in Benjamin Moore’s,  Black – 2132-10 (minus the white tint). Like a good quality black suit,your furniture will have greater versatility in your home and look great, years to come!

The lighter colours such as Cloud White, CC30 or cream whites, Monterey White, HC27 can also look great, but often need a third coat of paint for better coverage.  These colours tend to make the pieces look more casual and feminine.

Most oak pieces of furniture that come into our shop were expensive quality pieces of furniture in their day. What better way to re-invent them and keep them in our homes than a new colour!

Oak Table "After"