Paint It Like New! Sprays A Kitchen for Income Properties on HGTV

On April 18th, Paint It Like New! was proud to be part of Income Property with Scott McGillvray.  The Episode called “Mike and Vita” showed how to make over a home making some minor changes in some area’s of the home (removing carpet, wallpaper etc.), some major reno’s,( gutting a bathroom) and some creative changes like the kitchen that Paint It Like New! sprayed.  How exciting for us.  We filled the holes in the doors and drawers in preparation for Scott’s team to drill and install new hardware at a later date.  The decorator chose Wedding White for the lowers and Conneticut Blue for the uppers.

Mike and Vita's kitchen with painted cabinets, Income Property HGTV

Cabinet colours: Conneticut Blue and Wedding White from ICI paintsPainted cabinets with new countertop, backsplash and floor, Income Property HGTV

Mike and Vita's kitchen with painted cabinets, Income Property HGTV

The newly installed dishwasher beside the fridge meant new gables which were cut and brought to us to be sprayed up. This is a perfect example of not only spraying your doors a new colour, but taking this opportunity to make some additional changes.  You can pre-cut crown moulding, baseboards, new gables. You can even remove the centre panel on a door and have glass inserted.  This is the  time to customize your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new one.  Scott, Mike and Vita were ecstatic with the changes in the entire house, but we couldn’t help but be impressed by Scott’s mention on Pintrest!!





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