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Having your rooms organized and clutter free should be considered an act of self care.  

Entering a room in your home, should make you feel happy and relaxed. A basket of your current magazines, paperback novels and your tablet is welcoming.  A coffee table littered with the same magazines and books will leave you feeling stressed and irritated, wondering when you can read them, so they can be cleared off!!

When your space is organized, you can lay your hands on exactly what you need whether you are making a meal, planning your outfit for work or helping your kids with a school project.  Kitchens are a huge space that can quickly get out of control if you’re not organized.  Many people complain of buying doubles or triples of food and condiments, simply because they thought they had run out. Being organized is a great start, but also implementing systems will keep it that way.

Hiring a professional to organize and declutter a room or your entire home, is really no different than hiring someone to do maintenance on your car, getting your hair cut at a salon or hiring a company to landscape your front yard! We can sometimes feel that we don’t have the time or don’t have the skills.  Sometimes both!

When your home and office is organized and clutter free it impacts all areas of your life. 

You will feel a “lightness” in your step, you may even complain of feeling quite creative!!  Productivity, definitely increases, as it is easy to find everything and because you aren’t buying triples and doubles of items you are also reducing your environmental footprint!!

We are happy to support at all levels.  You may book a consultation to get a simple plan of action. Or you many already know that you may need a more hands on approach, with in-home assistance from our team.  Customers ask us when is it best to begin this process.  As the saying goes, there is no time like the present!  You may have lived in your home for 20 years and now the kids have all moved out!  You may be getting ready to start a major renovation! You may also be putting your house on the market!!  These are major reasons to get organized and declutter.  You may also be ready to simplify your life!



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Organizing & Decluttering Packages

Package #1

In-home consultation.  Includes a house visit (1 – 2 hours) with a full tour of the home and areas of concern for the homeowner.  A Plan of Action will be emailed within a couple of days following the visit. It will give you a strategic plan outlining your priorities and a shopping list if required, for more storage and/or containers they may need. Cost – $150 plus mileage if outside of our 50 km radius (Burlington, Ontario)

Package #2

The same as package #1, but follow-up visits are booked for support and to assess work completed by home owner.  It is a great opportunity to refocus or if at any point it is overwhelming to get the additional support needed. The additional visits are based on $50/hr for in-home and $25/hr for audio or video calls.

Package #3

The same as package #1, but visits are scheduled, including support staff.  It is necessary that the client decide any items that are being, donated, disposed of or sold.  This is a full, hands on approach with our team and the client. It is $50/hr. per team member.  A schedule can be set up to complete a few rooms or the entire home.  A mutually agreed upon schedule is set in place, with consideration to the client’s budget and needs.

Package #4

This is a full concierge service.  The client needs to decide on final decisions regarding disposal or donating of items.  However, at that point our team will organize, set systems in place and stage each room with the home owner’s belongings. We can also help co-ordinate for other services such as house painters.  This package is based on the initial visit of $150 plus the $50/hr. rate.  A contract is set in place at the beginning and a deposit of 50% is taken.  The balance is paid upon completion of the project.


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