It’s easy to see we’re BIG fans of upcycling! With a little elbow grease and a lot of vision we like to save pieces of furniture from boredom! Chevron is still going this year in the design world so we thought we would it would be fun to do one of our sad 6 drawer dressers in this fun pattern!

First we chose a simple dresser with more than 4 drawers. Pro-tip: More is more when it comes to drawers! it’s easier to map out the pattern, plus extra storage! (what did you think I was going to say?)

Decide your base colour. This isn’t always easy, but if you stick to neutrals chances are you’ll love it a lot longer! Our go to for whites *which also happen to be on sale right now* ¬†are cloud white, white dove and extra white. The base colour we went with was Simply White. The grey we chose was Chelsea Gray both of which were colour matched by Sherwin Williams.

First we sprayed the base coat and then allowed for full curing before mapping out our chevron pattern in paint! *This step is VERY important* if the paint is soft the tape may lift it.

Using painters tape and paper we layed out how the chevron pattern would look with all the drawers in place in the dresser. Once we were happy we measured out how thick the lines would be and started taping.

It is now transformed and ready for it’s new home and at $225 it’s a steal! please call 905-631-7336 if you would like to be it’s proud new parent!