In a world that is so dead set on sets, we love the idea of mixing it up! We’ve always been big believers in coordinating fabrics, colour schemes, and furniture to make a room more interesting rather than having everything “match”.

One of our Toronto customers came to us earlier in June with 24 mixed antique chairs and since antiques are so hard to come by in full sets (did I mention there were 24? Not a typical table setting) he decided to mix several different styles.


By painting them all the same colour, cc-40 cloud white, and using the same fabric for the seats you can create a visually interesting space that has a common thread (literally). Another way to spice up your life is in your dishes- also not just with spices. Playing with pattern and colour can really give your table a lot of personality.


These cute bowls from Anthropologie are great to pair with plain white plates and dishes, just like our chairs! Use colour and pattern on a plain backdrop to coordinate a “look” rather than a repetitive pattern.