I might be showing my age, but I really remember the days when furniture was sold in sets!  Living room sets came with matching end tables and coffee tables. Your dining room had a table, chairs, buffet/hutch all in the exact same style and finish. I was part of that trend too!  Now a days, people are reinventing what style means to them.  In our shop we are lucky to see the amazing results of peoples creative ideas. Often people will re-use part of a set such as the end tables for a bedroom and then have an custom upholstered headboard made. Others will have us paint their table and purchase new chairs.  This time we had two customers within days of each other bring in (12 chairs) and then another one (4 chairs) all to be painted Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams.  The unique part about both projects is that all of the chairs DID NOT match!!  They look amazing, see for yourself!


black chairs