Lately there has been a huge shift away from greys and cool neutrals to happy and light hearted pastel colours. Amongst the most popular are robin’s egg blue, mint, lavender and pinks and yellows. Everywhere the delightful colours have be springing up, including in the home. We have been watching this trend and although it doesn’t happen often, we have been noticing light blue, yellow and even pink (Style at Home) kitchen doors coming through, which has inspired this post.


Here is a pretty blue pastel colour with a hint of grey. It brings a pop of colour and some character to a into a room without being to overwhelming or harsh. In the photo below the dresser was painted in a soft coral, and with the gold accents it really up dates the whole space. Its a great way to add some amazing colour and life to any space, but still have a soothing, and soft effect.f6de25b0d5844c7ef39abbe10536b8e3

So the question is what colour should you choose? This can be very overwhelming prospect, there are just so many choices! Keep it simple, pick your favourite colour, find some paint chips and look at the top two columns for a soft and delicate shade of your favourite colour. Not only are pastel colour pallets really in right now it is also a great way to push yourself outside the box of neutral tones – and into the  bright and vibrate world of colour!





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