I know it’s devastating that summer is over, but that means you can take advantage of all that time you will be spending inside! Let’s get real, when winter comes around we are all bombarded with new decor and decorations that we HAVE TO HAVE. I personally blame it on our core animal instincts to create a lush and fluffy space for the inevitable hibernation that comes along with the dreaded winter season (ok maybe I am just trying to justify all my faux fur and candle purchases). None the less, I have been scouring Pintrest to find some inspiration for some easy and cost effective winter transformations to share with you!10807125_10202517672176818_1339139000_n

What really struck me when looking for some winter themed decorations/décor, was the beautiful greys and neutrals that were used throughout the photos. The best thing about using neutrals in your bigger pieces like your coffee table, chairs and armoires, is that they can be used as canvases and changed throughout the seasons. Take the chair in the photo above for example, it’s a nice fresh cream, but drape one of your MANY faux fur throws on it and a new pillow and BAM, a nice cozy living room chair that can be changed from season to season!


This stunning grey hutch and  crisp white chairs are a great example of how you can transform your space – giving it a bright updated look – as well as getting festive for winter . Adding greenery and other natural accents, like the brach wreath hanging  on the back of the chair, bring some really interesting textures to your space creating a warm and soft escape. You also don’t feel as bad about not going out side if you bring a little bit of it in, and the added bonus, if its fresh its smells AMAZING !



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Have a GREAT rest of your weekend and keep warm!