Whether you’re having a backyard bbq or a full on affair, you’re going to need a few staples to get the party started! We’ve complied a list of our “go-to” party pieces that will raise the bar on your bash!

For serious grillers, there’s nothing like a pro-series BBQ. The traeger wood pellet grill is one of our top 10’s since the temperatures are adjustable from 180-600 degrees- this means you can bake, grill, roast and bbq all in one! The wood pellets come in different aroma’s so you can have apple roasted pork, maple roasted sweet potatoes, hickory smoked steak- mmm the possibilities! They also have alder, cherry, mesquite, oak and pecan! Yes please!


lil tex pro-blue













The second must have moves away from the meat and right into the seat! (HA!) You’ll need plenty of seating in your backyard soiree- especially for night time gatherings. If your patio set looks a little like this:









You should come see us early in the season so we can transform it into this:











Ahhh.. much better! BUT! If you’re in a pinch, simply jazz up your old set with bold pattern cushions, it will give them a quick update and your guests will appreciate the cozy seat.

Another must have is not as glamorous but totally necessary- Insect repellant. It’s no Chanel No. 5 but its a must have to protect yourself during the summer season.

Since we’re on the subject of bugs, a great entertaining tool that is under-utilized in back yard gatherings are flowers!! We’re not talking about your garden, because I’m sure it’s great too, but spending a little extra on a flower bouquet or centrepiece will add sophistication to your table. To be cost effective and time efficient pick up flowers at the grocery store along with your menu items to save time and money. Daisy’s can last up to 10 days and are very inexpensive and colourful and can add to a country chic evening. For more formal affairs -one of my favourite’s is peonies, but beware they are a beauty that doesn’t last. Once they’re cut you can expect a few days before they begin to wilt. The good news is that their blooms are large and you won’t need many to fill a vase.




Great lighting is key, it sets the tone and a well lit space will reduce any injuries caused by tripping or missing steps. My favourite is candle light- opt for citronella candles to kill two birds (err bugs) with one stone. Votives can be made using mason jars- just drop in a tea light and you’re set for hours. Just remember to blow them out once everyone leaves! Psst. we also have GREAT lanterns available through Upcycle furnishings.





Last but most importantly your list should include all of your loved ones- friends and family, pets and all! The more the merrier is the perfect mix for a great night in! Hopefully you or someone you know can bring a guitar- ENJOY!