We’re often asked at the shop “What is the most popular color for kitchens?” To put it simply, the answer is white. However, just because it’s the most popular does not make it the best option for your particular space. When we think of white, we think of fresh and clean, which are great characteristics for a home to have. Here are some fresh idea’s for your kitchen make over:


A few changes in the appliances, counter tops and of course painting the cabinets makes this kitchen look like two completely different spaces! The feeling is more modern and very crisp, without feeling cold and sterile.


These pictures are proof that updating your kitchen doesn’t mean pulling out everything and restarting. If you can live with the profile of your kitchen doors, and they are still quality pieces, why not spray them in a great neutral that will stand the test of time. Our most popular whites are Cloud white, White dove, and Chantilly lace.