It’s patio season (finally!) and what better way to kick off the season than with a fresh start for your furniture! Just like us, it’s not the only ones who are relieved to see the warmer weather. If you’ve left your furniture out in the cold and it’s looking not-so-hot then stop in to either one of our shops and let us help you transform it before the season is in full swing.

Right now, we’re offering 10% off outdoor furniture spraying for the month of May but you won’t want to wait too long. Our turnaround is about 4-5 weeks so you’ll want to have ample time to cure before you can start enjoying the sunshine. Remember! We spray a variety of materials- our paint is excellent! the most common pieces are metal, wood wicker or rattan, however, we spray lots of planters, gnomes and other garden accessories as well as outdoor light fixtures. We never limit our painting to just chairs and tables! Check out some of the pieces we have sprayed to get some inspirational outdoor ideas!