It’s that time of year again where we  put away our outdoor furniture, drain the pools and start entertaining inside for the fall/winter season. And once again we are all asking ourselves the same questions – How did the summer go by so fast? Where is all this cold weather coming from? How am I going to survive winter this year?!

Paint It Like New! Inc. is here to help you get out of your post summer fun funk and breathe new life into your worn out kitchen and furniture, so that when you are ready to finally succumb to the frosty weather and entertain your guests inside you have a BEAUTIFUL space to do it in!



Here is a the stunning kitchen of our owner, Janet Hamilton, that was sprayed (of course) by Paint It Like New! Inc. It is colour matched to White Dove in the Sherwin Williams Interior Exterior water based enamel  that we use for all of our spraying, and as you can see it was the perfect colour to use in this space. It brings a fresh and clean look to the space, but still keeps the balance of the warm and cool tones in the room. So you get that modern and clean look while also maintaining a level of cozyness to your kitchen –  which makes it a perfect space for fall entertaining!

Below is a photo of Janet’s laundry room. Defiantly not a place you would do your fall entertaining but its a fantastic example of what you can do to a boring and ordinary space. These cabinets before they were sprayed were old and really worn down and in need of a facelift.



In contrast to the kitchen these cabinets were painted darker than the wall giving the space a very dynamic and sophisticated look. Using Sherwin Willams Sealskin in an eggshell sheen ( a flat or matte with not a lot of light refection) all the imperfections and rough spots were concealed and they looked just like new!


It really important to love the space you are living in, as well as treat yourself to a little bit here and there. So this fall take the leap and give your home a little lift to get yourself back into fall entertaining and loving the inside of your home.


If your looking for more information on painting your kitchen take a look at our blog post here, or request a quote by clicking our quote tab above!








Here is a the stunning kitchen of our owner, Janet Hamilton, that was sprayed of course by Paint It Like New! Inc