We saw a lot of geometrics being introduced into the market in 2014, but love them or hate them (how dare you!) they are here to stay! Geometric shapes are taught to us in the very beginning stages of our lives, they’re simple yet when they’re paired up, they can create complex patterns. Let’s take a look at some new takes on classics using geometric shapes shall we!

Here is one pattern we have seen a lot of the last year and a half, Chevron! It’s a simple arrow shape repeated…but we’ve all seen this 100 times so lets move on!


This is a really nice change from simple subway tiles, it is still very much a modern classic however it’s much more interesting to look at! Done in a simple home, the tile itself makes a huge statement and that’s why we LOVE it!




It can also create drama on the floor too!




If you’re a bit of a design commitmentphobe you can re-create the same feeling using large area rugs in designs, patterns and colours that can be replaced once you’ve outgrown the trend! Paint is also a great way to experiment with trends without having to commit to anything permanent (Win-Win)



And lastly, our personal favourite- Geometric painted furniture!




We’re so inspired and loving all these looks! Hopefully they are here to stay!

Have a great day!