September to me means, cooler evenings,  bright fall colours, building a fire in the fireplace and bubbling stews. It’s no coincidence that I also bring out the cozy blankets, bowls of giant pine cones and textured pillows.  With the addition of a showroom to decorate plus my home, I have alot of places to be creative. While my home is fairly traditional, I have enjoyed broadening my decorating tastes in the showroom.  We showcase alot of black with injections of colours.  We will add the before and afters to our gallery in due time. To learn more about colour trends and projects for your own home,  join us on October 7th for a seminar featuring Leigh-Anne Allaire-Perrault from Benjamin Moore and feature guest of CityLine.  We will also share some very creative “green” projects to use in your own home. Included are gifts, draws, discounts and of course some wonderful wines and local cheeses!  Call now to reserve your ticket!