May has finally arrived!  Now our planning for our outdoor projects begins.  Fertilizing and seeding the grass is part of our upkeep, but planning our new garden beds and picking our plants takes a bit more work.  Once the beds are completed and mulch is in place they make the whole outdoor space look fresh, tidy and complete.

SHERWIN WILLIAMS – 3350 Fairview Street in Burlington

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Now we can pull our furniture out of storage.  But similar to decorating a room in your house, once one room is painted and decorated, the rest starts to look shabby and in need of a fix up! After years of use, even the best quality furniture starts to fade.  Wicker and bamboo looks dried out and faded, wrought iron and metal may start to peel and the wood furniture has patches of bare wood peaking through.  Or sometimes the colour of the furniture looks dated.  In the seven years that Paint It Like New!  has been open, we have probably sprayed a large amount of green metal furniture black or white.  The wicker furniture usually stays the classic white but needs a dose of shine.  Semi gloss is our most popular choice.  Muskoka or Adirondack chairs seem to get sprayed in bright colours like red, yellow and blue.Vintage gliders and chairs are sprayed in a variety of colours.  Whatever colour scheme you choose, you can be sure that the fresh coat of paint will make it look as good as those new garden beds!