Here’s a fast and fun project to do at home with little ones or as a cool front door urn display. We’ve all seen the silver birch urns done before, so why not spice things up with hot pink? We guarentee your neighbours will be feeling the love! All you need is:

-A medium/large urn


-Branches and a saw

-Spray paint (any colour…we chose hot lips from Benjamin Moore)

-Decorations of all types…we got everything from the dollar store

-Feather Boa’s (2)

We went out into the woods and selected some cool looking branches, and cut them to an appropriate length. Then we drilled a small hole into the base and hung them upside down from the spray booth *if you don’t have a booth you’ll have to do this project outside when there is NO WIND! otherwise you’ll end up with a hot pink fence and really upset neighbours. Generously coat the branches with spray paint and allow to dry overnight. Prepare the urn using foam inserts on the inside and place the branches deep down into the foam for stability. Wrap the feather boas around the base to hide the foam insert and begin decorating!