Through Pintrest, DIY blogs and the ever popular “Shabby Chic” movement, tutorials about how to distress pieces of home decor and furniture seems to be  popping up all over the internet! It is a  fun, exciting (and cheap) weekend makeover but A LOT of people just don’t know where to start and most importantly when to stop.

Distressed bathroom

  This distressed bathroom sink/vanity is a perfect example of the extreme end of distressing a piece. Very vintage, very rustic and a lot of character, this might be absolutely perfect for one person, and way too overwhelming for another. So we have decided to showcase the less extreme side of distressing furniture, and let everyone know it is possible to have a distressed look to a piece, BUT keep it simple and chic!

Chair distressditressed dresser

This chair is what inspired us to write this post. We stumbled across this  blog on how to easily distress furniture without the mess of a stain! They actually used a paint pen after they sand the spots they wanted to distress, so they didn’t have to worry about fumes or a mess! And what they achieved  was a light distressed look that still looks clean and fresh. The dresser is the other photo also has a beautifully light distress that would look amazing in any space!

Also did you know Paint It Like New! Inc. will distress your furniture too! So not only do you get a stunning painted chair that is sprayed with our Sherwin Williams Interior Exterior Enamel, you can also ask for a light distress of your pieces as well (price varies depending on piece).Or you can try it yourself one weekend if you are feeling adventurous!


Let us know if you have distressed any pieces yourself by adding a photo and  #paintitlikenew on :





Have a FANTASTIC weekend and have fun experimenting with distressing !