My husband and I are nearing the end of a main floor reno. We decided to finally take the leap and upgrade our floor tile. It was 550 square feet of tile going from the front door into 2 closets, a walk in pantry, kitchen, powder room and laundry room. The old tile while it was a good neutral had deteriorated in the grout and some had cracked. We took out the builder grade baseboard, door trims and upgraded to 51/2 inch baseboards and crown moulding with new 3 1/2 inch door trims…..we will definitely want to get all new floor vent covers, paint the front door……get a new front hall chandelier…….and were does this end??  Once you start I think it’s hard to stop!!  The halls & rooms that are now new and fresh seem to make the adjacent rooms seem slightly “old”?? Even the walkin pantry had an overhaul. I posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about painting it “Manchester Tan.”  This was accomplished the first “snow day” of the winter. I did manage to purchase a dozen black woven square baskets at my local dollar store. It is so organized, that my poor family can’t locate anything. Why would I put it back, in the exact same place, you may ask?  That wouldn’t feel knew! I think that is what I find most appealing, the newness, the beauty and most of all the big change!!