Absolutely everywhere the real estate market is in a frenzy.  You hear the stories of houses going for $50..$100 thousand over asking!!  With just having sold my own home, my daughter sold hers and my boyfriend has just listed, I know  the pressure first hand. Dave and I also had the great pleasure of looking for a new home and purchased!! 

The one thing that hasn’t changed is as my agent says, “pretty sells!”  We all enjoy finding a home that has been well maintained, in good shape, clean and sturdy.  But the extra pleasure comes when in the area you love a really great style home comes on the market and some upgrades have been completed!!  

We spray kitchens for our customers all the time!  Most of the spraying as a budget conscious opportunity to personalize the one room they spend a lot of time cooking for themselves, friends and family. But the other reason to spray your kitchen or bathrooms is because……..pretty sells and in particular, pretty kitchens.  I share with you one of these kitchens. The wood floors were the great upgrade when the home was purchased. The handles were also already installed, bonus!  The stainless steel appliances were purchased over the two years the homeowner has lived there.  The big upgrade is the newly sprayed cabinets (by Paint It Like New! Inc.), new quartz counters by Euro Kitchens in Burlington and the addition of the new sink and tap.  What you can’t see is the drop ceiling was removed and painted white.  The new light with the Edison bulb made a more updated/industrial look.  Everybody loves it!!

White-washed oak kitchen BEFORE

Sprayed in SW7675 Sealskin, semi gloss

The quartz counter TCE3001 is a beautiful mix of white, light grey and a shade very similar to the sealskin!!