How do you take a simple Ikea piece of furniture and make it look extraordinary? You’re probably thinking, okay I’ve seen the Ikea rast hacks (and I admit, their pretty impressive) but it’s old news. Then let me ask you this, how do you take a very common style of kitchen chair and make it look completely custom FOUR times!? Now you’re interested!

We’ve all seen these chairs before, you may even own some yourself, tried and true the windsor chair has become a staple in many homes, there’s really nothing special or unique but they sure are comfortable. We had four of these little beauties dropped off to the shop for the cover of Canada’s Chatelaine Magazine, and at first we even gave our heads a scratch wondering if these were truly “cover” worthy.


The first chair we did was a matte white with sprayed gold legs, sort of a one off of the ombre trend which has been so popular.


Seen here in the photo shoot:


A spicy red in a high gloss finish:


Sitting pretty in it’s magazine shoot:


The banana yellow chair in a high gloss:


Seen in the photo shoot:


And in an electric orange in semi-gloss:


Seen here in the magazine:


And one last shot of them all lined up before they left for the photo shoot:


The best thing about common pieces of furniture is that they are easy to come by, the tricky part is using them in your space to make it feel like your own and not like every other home you’ve been in. Chatelaine nailed it by taking this typical chair out of its “typical” environment aka the kitchen. It’s the same chair used four ways, with the same console table to get completely different looks and feels for a space. So are you beach-house casual? preppy glam? rustic modern? or urban eclectic?  Each style is so different, and so is each cover!! All four styles were used on the cover, but which will you choose? To see the full story pick up your copy of Chatelaine Magazine on news stands now or head to and vote for your favourite look!