Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, we’re not playing any tricks but we do have one more treat! (I know, I know, IT’S NOVEMBER.. psst it’s also No Mo’Tax on anything sprayed, but more on that later) Back in the days of summer, which seem so long ago *cue Summertime sadness* we had the pleasure of meeting these two:



If you’ll notice there is blue tape on the legs of the settee. These were markers for where the wicker had unravelled and was in need of a little TLC. We taped, nipped and tucked- even gave a little trim- to the spots that were just not so hot after a decade or more in the sun… Can you blame them? The process for wicker is a little different than it is for wood since wicker is very delicate and often cannot be sanded. It really needs a good cleaning and a wire brush to get great adhesion that will withstand the elements. Next, it is primed using an industrial primer, lightly scuffed and 2 coats of paint are applied using a spray technique.

Here are the lovely duo all done up and camera ready!



They will be appearing on Cityline Monday, November 3rd at 9am! Tune in to see the set in a TV set! (cool huh?) We will be watching! Also- we have more exciting news! November or MOVEMBER is NO MO’ TAX at Paint it Like New! We love the idea of supporting cancer awareness and we want to see those mustaches! All month long we are offering our biggest discount of the year, so get in on the fun, and use that extra cash you ‘stached to support a friend, relative, neighbour or stranger growing epic facial hair this month!