Make a “Menu” board for your kitchen or cottage, a scoreboard for your man cave, or a chalk board for your kids playroom!

  Here’s what you’ll need:

An old frame

Chalk board paint (available in a rainbow of colours)

MDF board cut to fit your frame

Caulking or Dap

Something heavy (You’ll need it to sit ontop of the board once it’s caulked)

1. Find an old frame that you love

2. Paint the frame whatever colour you’d like (we sprayed ours in high gloss black- inspired by a House and Home photograph). Give it 2 coats of paint with ample drying time, allow to cure for a few days.

3. Paint you MDF piece (cut it to fit inside the frame) with chalk board paint (we chose black)

4. Put the MDF board inside the frame and caulk around the back seem to secure the board, then place a heavy object on top and let it dry over night.

5. Hang your chalk board and use it as a reminder, an inpsirational quote art piece, or a functional grocery list.