Kitchens and Bathroom Vanities

This is one of the biggest areas in your home to invest in and get your money back tenfold. You can save thousands of dollars by simply re-spraying your current doors and drawers. Many people use this opportunity to build in islands, remove peninsulas etc.

This is also a great time to update and upgrade the kick-plate and crown mouldings. After your carpenter has done his work, simply bring everything in to Paint It Like New ! to be sprayed and unified. The carpenters can put the crown moulding together and cut the new kickplate so that all is required after painting is nailing the pieces in place. We have even had people purchase cabinetry similar (but not an exact match) to their current cupboards. Many Habitat for Humanity  stores carry high-end used cabinetry. Backing two boxes together and wrapping with boards or even adding a bookcase to an existing unit can then be sprayed to unify everything in the same colour, or a contrasting colour.

Many decorating shows and magazines often show a contrasting island and even go to the lengths to place a different material on the counter-top. I am fairly traditional in my décor taste and do prefer a unified look, however, it does make us realize how creative and personalized we can be in our decorating projects.

Bathrooms are another great area to invest in, in your home. An inexpensive vanity can look like “a million dollars” when sprayed in a beautiful new colour, with new hardware and (if it’s in the budget) a new counter-top. Many interior decorators and home stagers use our services to help “massage” their clients decorating budget. The most impressive “make-overs” are when our customers pick a charcoal grey , black or espresso colour. These darker colours update and hide imperfections impressively – just imagine deep grey cabinetry, crystal hardware and a carrera marble counter-top!  Alternatively, you could pick a great blue, stainless or brushed nickel hardware with a stone counter.  Although white is still the most popular colour for bathrooms, we find that the most impressive make-overs are ones that choose a “custom” colour. Most doors/drawers that come to us are oak. Oak is a very grainy wood — no matter what colour we spray, oak will always show the grain. The darker the colour, the less you seem to notice the grain. Even a creamy white is more forgiving. We do offer the opportunity to have a third coat applied to all door fronts for an additional fee.  We have all of Sherwin Williams colour fandecks in our showroom to help customers make their choice. I do encourage people to pick up paint chips and take the time at home to see them in different lighting and different times of day. Suggestions may be given to you upon request when you send your request for a quote.