Many of the bedroom sets that arrive in our shop belonged to our customers when they were young. Many are in good shape, while others have been used and loved a lot!  Many minor damages can be fixed and this is included in our prices. It is best to point them out when they arrive so that we can fix them prior to priming. Major damage may be fixed with a special product by our expert sanding technicians for an extra cost.  Filling holes from old and outdated hardware can be done for a fee. Again, it is up to the customer to point this out when dropping off your project at our shop. We have helped many people who struggle with the idea of selling, throwing out or simply allowing it to take up space in their garages and basements. We are happy to see old and outdated pieces be re-invented and put into their child’s “new” bedroom, the guest bedroom or even their cottage.

Many couples have pine cannonball bedroom sets. The “country” look is easily replaced by re-spraying the set in a new fresh colour. With a new set of linens, a fresh wall colour and perhaps new window treatments, they have taken their dowdy master bedroom to a serene retreat!