Family Rooms-Living Rooms Etc.,

Ah, the rooms  we  spend most of our downtime in ! Whether we live on our own, have a large family or like to entertain, these rooms can take a beating.

Full blown make-overs aren’t always in the budget. Pieces that we have adopted from relatives’ downsizing, purchased pieces from a different time in our life or perhaps pieces that we have just recently purchased don’t always look good together over time. One solution is to re-spray them in one or even two colours to unify the space.

Sometimes editing is the only solution. Other times, we may re-purpose pieces for another room. Sideboards or dressers look very handsome when re-sprayed a different colour and placed as a sofa table. A tray with some inexpensive but large wine glasses, a vase filled with fresh flowers or a simple large candle and three favourite wines is an instant bar. One of my favourite pieces is an old “brass” aluminum bar cart that was found in The Reuse Centre in Burlington, Ontario. After sanding, priming and applying two coats of black satin paint it is a very chic, contemporary bar cart.  One smart customer found the exact same bar cart and had us spray it in exterior paint to be used on the deck!!  If you enjoy entertaining and like to serve hot and cold appetizers, think of having an off piece of granite or marble polished up and place it on the top of the dresser/buffet. You have an instant hotpot holder for hot dishes.! If you love red wine, consider that in your choice of marble. Carrera marble stains fairly easy.

Matching coffee tables and end tables is somewhat a thing of the past.  Maybe you love the wrought iron and glass coffee table but hate the oak end table that was passed down to you.  Spraying the oak table in black will unify it with the wrought iron. Introduce a little black into another area of the room. A black cashmere throw or couple of pillows with black in the fabric will also help bring the room together. The most successful rooms are those that are fine tuned over time. If you are moving into your very first place, you want that “look” as quickly as possible. Think comfort, quality and affordability first. Spend your big budget on the sofa and perhaps a chair. Pick a fabric that will allow you flexibility in years to come. A red sofa is great in the right room, but perhaps the sofa will outlive your love of red! Think of a wardrobe. The basic pants, skirts and suits are the staples and the trendy tops and jewelery  are usually best picked up in the sales.  I have pretty basic colours in my sofa and chairs, but love to pick up pillows and throws in a seasonal look. Spring and summer is linen and soft greens, while winter is deep berry colours, pinecones,  faux furs and sheepskin.  It really shouldn’t be expensive to do this. Just shop the discount decorating stores and keep your eyes peeled for the deals!