Affordable Projects

The showroom at Paint It Like New! exemplifies the many creative opportunities to upgrade, customize or dramatically change furniture or doors in your home.

We purchase all of the pieces  in our showroom used  from consignment stores, Reuse Centres etc. and lovingly restore them.

The showroom is changed seasonally, usually in March/April and again in September/October. We include some colour trends and try to change it up from sleek and elegant to cottage and modern.

The links below are a great framework to start your own projects. Our hope is to get your creative juices going, lead you to some new shopping venues, or simply revisit the pieces in your garage, basement or spare room!

Outdoor Furniture


Kitchen/Dining Room tables and chairs

Kitchens and Bathroom Vanities

Family Rooms-Living Rooms Etc.,

Most of all we hope to have opened new possibilities you hadn’t dreamed of before!  Happy decorating!