When customers drop off furniture or kitchen/bathroom doors their biggest dilemma is what colour to do?? I always recommend taking paint chips home and looking at them in  their rooms with samples of any new furniture, flooring etc. What looks great in the paint store may look muddy, cold or even pink with the rooms natural lighting etc.  The other decision is should I go completely in a new direction or just do a freshenup?  Like everything else in our life, it’s timing! What are we capable of handling? My husband like a lot of men doesn’t go for too much change.  However if we are going to spend money on a room, why not make it impactful! I love his way of thinking.  If we share a space with other people, we may to consider their tastes too??!!  While we respray alot of kitchens for people in the same white, most people do go for a change. Some are more dramatic  ( Black 2132-10 minus the white or Bittersweet Chocolate 2114-10) while others just make a tweak to their existing colour scheme.    Most people warm it up with a cream (HC27 – Montery White or even OC95 – Navajo White)  Furniture on the other hand is usually more dramatic. We get alot of golden oak into our shop. The most impactful colour is black. A deep crisp black! It’s classic and generally speaking makes the furniture look more “handsome” and more “expensive” looking than it actually is.  The most unusual colour we sprayed a table was  “rasberry truffle” 2080-10. It looked amazing. A really great example of “going for it.”  What kind of  changes are you ready to make for 2011?? Making a colour change is an easy one and best of all you don’t have to give up wine or chocolate!!