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Located in Burlington, Ontario, Paint-it-Like-New! is a professional respraying service for furniture, doors and cabinets.

Save money and the planet!  Let Paint-It-Like-New! refinish your outdated or worn furniture to match your current lifestyle and decorating tastes. See our gallery of exciting before and after furniture restoration projects and get a quote on your furniture refinishing project.


Paint-It-Like-New! on City TV’s CityLine

May 23, 2010  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Furniture respraying is growing in popularity and so is Paint-It-Like-New!  Our recent appearance on City TV’s CityLine has gotten us a lot of attention.

More and more home owners are discovering the advantages of refinishing their outdated or unused furniture including doors, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, armoires, TV cabinets and headboards.  We were thrilled to be invited to showcase our fantastic furniture spraying success stories with the viewers of the GTA’s most decorating friendly television station.

Bringing the outside in!

September 30, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

While perusing (some might call it binging) on Pinterest  we were inspired by the amount of fall decor and colour popping up on our dashboard, and decided it was only fair to get you excited about the amazingness that is the fall season.

1079682 10202273128743385 291849308 n Bringing the outside in!

This photo of a fall colour scheme is what really started it all. Bright and saturated colour can be VERY intimidating to people who are not used to it. The great thing about this palette is you can still take part in the fall  trend but put a twist on it and use rich and almost jewel tone colours. You can add pieces  of decor, like pillows candles etc, or have some pieces sprayed (I love the idea of spraying a bunch of frames in these fall colours and putting them up on a wall like this ) to recreate  fall inside.This palette  seemed like the best in-between-you can still get the beauty of  fall in your home as well as a touch of elegance, and you don’t have to worry about your house looking like a fall carnival all of a sudden!

10716242 10202273128543380 929795496 n Bringing the outside in!

For those of you who love colour and that WOW factor in a room we also found these great bright fall coloured inspired pieces that would look great in any room. You have to be very committed to paint a whole room (even a wall) in a pop of colour, so getting a piece of furniture sprayed like one of these pieces above is a great way to add warmth and drama to your space.

Make sure to click on the quotes tab if you are feeling inspired and want to us to spray a piece of furniture for the perfect accent of fall in your home!

Working on a piece of history

September 24, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Paint it Like New! Inc. is working on ALOT of very interesting pieces right now, but we just had to share this piece .

IMG 0731 2 Working on a piece of history

Here we have a bench that was once part of the grandstand from the CNE! After being rebuilt in 1948 after two previous fires (thats some bad luck) the grandstand was eventually expanded into the Exhibition Stadium.The original grandstand had been constructed in the late 1800s and was re-modelled, replaced, or destroyed over the years. It served as home to the CFL’s Argonauts between 1958 and 1988 and theBlue Jays between 1977 and 1989.

                                   dscn1684 Working on a piece of history

It is really neat to imagine who was sitting in these seats and think about what they were watching and when! The coolest part though is that it is being resprayed so it can have a new life and more people can have amazing experiences with the bench again.

Stay tuned for photos of the piece when it is done and let us know your favourite CNE memory!

Have a great day guys

Get ready for fall entertaining

September 22, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

It’s that time of year again where we  put away our outdoor furniture, drain the pools and start entertaining inside for the fall/winter season. And once again we are all asking ourselves the same questions – How did the summer go by so fast? Where is all this cold weather coming from? How am I going to survive winter this year?!

Paint It Like New! Inc. is here to help you get out of your post summer fun funk and breathe new life into your worn out kitchen and furniture, so that when you are ready to finally succumb to the frosty weather and entertain your guests inside you have a BEAUTIFUL space to do it in!

8 Kitchen Get ready for fall entertaining


Here is a the stunning kitchen of our owner, Janet Hamilton, that was sprayed (of course) by Paint It Like New! Inc. It is colour matched to White Dove in the Sherwin Williams Interior Exterior water based enamel  that we use for all of our spraying, and as you can see it was the perfect colour to use in this space. It brings a fresh and clean look to the space, but still keeps the balance of the warm and cool tones in the room. So you get that modern and clean look while also maintaining a level of cozyness to your kitchen –  which makes it a perfect space for fall entertaining!

Below is a photo of Janet’s laundry room. Defiantly not a place you would do your fall entertaining but its a fantastic example of what you can do to a boring and ordinary space. These cabinets before they were sprayed were old and really worn down and in need of a facelift.

6 Laundry Room Get ready for fall entertaining


In contrast to the kitchen these cabinets were painted darker than the wall giving the space a very dynamic and sophisticated look. Using Sherwin Willams Sealskin in an eggshell sheen ( a flat or matte with not a lot of light refection) all the imperfections and rough spots were concealed and they looked just like new!


It really important to love the space you are living in, as well as treat yourself to a little bit here and there. So this fall take the leap and give your home a little lift to get yourself back into fall entertaining and loving the inside of your home.


If your looking for more information on painting your kitchen take a look at our blog post here, or request a quote by clicking our quote tab above!








Here is a the stunning kitchen of our owner, Janet Hamilton, that was sprayed of course by Paint It Like New! Inc

Toronto Fall Home Show 2014 Upcycle challenger announcement

September 12, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Exciting news from the crew at Paint it Like New! Inc:

Back in June when we were all kicking up our heels and hitting the beach, Paint it Like New! was working on a top secret project for this years Toronto Fall Home Show’s Upcycle challenge sponsored by Rustoleum in participation with Habitat for Humanity! We searched and scoured Restore’s throughout the GTA. Our challenge was to take ANYTHING -OH YEAH LIKE THAT’S A CHALLENGE!- and Upcyle it to make something new. In case you’re new to what we do, THAT’S KIND OF WHAT WE DO! It’s our thing, so naturally we accepted the challenge! Our “theme” if you will, was industrial. We found a chandelier, that had amazing potential- if you’ve never been to a Restore YOU NEED TO GO, this place is seriously a haven of incredible pieces at unbelievable prices, in other words Holy Grail- the light fixture was triangular with 3 downward facing lights ($60) and then we found plastic cages for a whopping $1 per cage. With a few trims and an attachment or two we had secured the cages to the frame of the chandelier. Next it was sprayed in an oil rubbed bronze colour which was fantastic for getting that “aged” look. Once everything was sprayed we bought some Edison light bulbs and our new chandelier was off to the show!

We would love if you would take a second to vote for Paint it Like New! Inc here: http://a.pgtb.me/zwk2fr however we won’t be offended if you vote for someone else! The challengers this year were AMAZING and everyone did a great job! Good luck to all the participants and may the best upcycler win!





Beautiful furniture and helping your community!

September 8, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Paint It Like New! Inc. has some AMAZING news, we are now working with the local charity to give back to the community.

So what are we doing? We have partnered with the charity and are spraying some pieces we have picked out and selling the pieces  in our store, with 50% of the proceeds going right back to them! So not only do you get your hands on one of a kind and beautiful pieces of furniture, you also get to help out an amazing local charity at the same time.

Below are some of the pieces we have picked out and will be sprayed. Take a look at our Upcycle gallery for more pieces we have picked out and there prices (they are delicious!) If you see something you love email us at quotes@paintitlikenew.com to put it on hold, we have a feeling they are going to go fast!

10656486 10202155623685832 2106042994 n Beautiful furniture and helping your community!

10681974 10202155620725758 1866839461 n Beautiful furniture and helping your community!

10660543 10202155621645781 1604404298 n Beautiful furniture and helping your community!

So let us and The Toronto Furniture Bank help you have your cake and eat it too, by getting that amazing piece of furniture you have been looking for as well as helping with a great cause!

Unit 1A – 1254 Plains Road East, Burlington, Ontario L7S 1W6 Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.