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Located in Burlington, Ontario, Paint-it-Like-New! is a professional respraying service for furniture, doors and cabinets.

Save money and the planet!  Let Paint-It-Like-New! refinish your outdated or worn furniture to match your current lifestyle and decorating tastes. See our gallery of exciting before and after furniture restoration projects and get a quote on your furniture refinishing project.


Paint-It-Like-New! on City TV’s CityLine

May 23, 2010  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Furniture respraying is growing in popularity and so is Paint-It-Like-New!  Our recent appearance on City TV’s CityLine has gotten us a lot of attention.

More and more home owners are discovering the advantages of refinishing their outdated or unused furniture including doors, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, armoires, TV cabinets and headboards.  We were thrilled to be invited to showcase our fantastic furniture spraying success stories with the viewers of the GTA’s most decorating friendly television station.

Plummeting Planks – Just in time for the Holidays!

November 21, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Everyone has that one person in there life who is impossible to shop for. They have everything and wants nothing but there birthday or the holidays are coming up and you want them to feel special. What to do, what to do! Well Paint It Like New!  Inc. is here to help. We have built Plummeting Panks! A almost 2.5′ party or family game.

10815805 10202545033340830 1770692974 n Plummeting Planks   Just in time for the Holidays!

The objective is each player must pull a wooden plank from a row and replace it on the top of the tower in the opposite direction of the planks on top. Play until the the tower falls and the last player to have placed the plank on the top is the winner! Now this game may look and sound familiar BUT where in the world are you going to get a life size party game like this?


For $99 (plus HST) you can gift this to the person who has everything. It would also make a fantastic cottage/chalet game and but a great distraction for the kiddies when there home for winter break!


If you are interested in snatching this up for the holidays make sure to call our Toronto location (416)-259-7549 and we will put it on hold for you


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and happy friday!




Making a Winter Wonderland!

November 15, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

I know it’s devastating that summer is over, but that means you can take advantage of all that time you will be spending inside! Let’s get real, when winter comes around we are all bombarded with new decor and decorations that we HAVE TO HAVE. I personally blame it on our core animal instincts to create a lush and fluffy space for the inevitable hibernation that comes along with the dreaded winter season (ok maybe I am just trying to justify all my faux fur and candle purchases). None the less, I have been scouring Pintrest to find some inspiration for some easy and cost effective winter transformations to share with you!10807125 10202517672176818 1339139000 n Making a Winter Wonderland!

What really struck me when looking for some winter themed decorations/décor, was the beautiful greys and neutrals that were used throughout the photos. The best thing about using neutrals in your bigger pieces like your coffee table, chairs and armoires, is that they can be used as canvases and changed throughout the seasons. Take the chair in the photo above for example, it’s a nice fresh cream, but drape one of your MANY faux fur throws on it and a new pillow and BAM, a nice cozy living room chair that can be changed from season to season!

ee84f56bd714f325491950d1bd1070d2 Making a Winter Wonderland!

This stunning grey hutch and  crisp white chairs are a great example of how you can transform your space – giving it a bright updated look – as well as getting festive for winter . Adding greenery and other natural accents, like the brach wreath hanging  on the back of the chair, bring some really interesting textures to your space creating a warm and soft escape. You also don’t feel as bad about not going out side if you bring a little bit of it in, and the added bonus, if its fresh its smells AMAZING !

325883c44778b3ed9b3610c12c3560f6 Making a Winter Wonderland!


The thing that is the most exciting is that we are doing a NO MO’ TAX event so you will be saving 13% on all of our spraying services. So all of these looks are things that you can get! If you are interested in getting a quote, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email especially since our sale ends November 30th.
Have a GREAT rest of your weekend and keep warm!

Chair Affair 2014

November 13, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Last night was the 4th annual Chair Affair hosted by the Furniture Bank at the Palais Royale. For those of you who don’t know what the Furniture Bank is, they are an amazing organization in Etobicoke that help members of the community in need get back on their feet by giving them necessary furniture items to empower and help rebuild their lives. What’s great about this charity is that not only are they helping shape our community but they are recycling unwanted items- pretty neat huh?

Now, what the Chair affair does is bring awareness to the organization with a little help from designers, decorators, upholsterers etc. the chair affair re-invents and repurposes pieces from their inventory and auctions them off for this great cause. This year the theme was ” What does Canada mean to you? ”

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NO MO TAX- Save 13%!

November 1, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Unknown NO MO TAX  Save 13%!


Today might be the official end of October for most, but to some it’s the end of SHAVING! Finally an excuse to throw down the razor and bust out the soup strainers! We’re so happy its Movember that we’re offering No Mo’ Tax for the month of November. Save 13% off everything sprayed in any colour and any sheen.

Make sure to share and like our post on Facebook to let your friends and family know about the HUGE savings that is happening this month. And if you have a pace you would like to have something re-sprayed, get a quote from us by filling out our quote for and uploading a few pictures of the pieces as well as its measurements.

Happy Movemeber!


Catch us on Cityline!!

October 31, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, we’re not playing any tricks but we do have one more treat! (I know, I know, IT’S NOVEMBER.. psst it’s also No Mo’Tax on anything sprayed, but more on that later) Back in the days of summer, which seem so long ago *cue Summertime sadness* we had the pleasure of meeting these two:

befoorre Catch us on Cityline!!


If you’ll notice there is blue tape on the legs of the settee. These were markers for where the wicker had unravelled and was in need of a little TLC. We taped, nipped and tucked- even gave a little trim- to the spots that were just not so hot after a decade or more in the sun… Can you blame them? The process for wicker is a little different than it is for wood since wicker is very delicate and often cannot be sanded. It really needs a good cleaning and a wire brush to get great adhesion that will withstand the elements. Next, it is primed using an industrial primer, lightly scuffed and 2 coats of paint are applied using a spray technique.

Here are the lovely duo all done up and camera ready!

affter Catch us on Cityline!!


They will be appearing on Cityline Monday, November 3rd at 9am! Tune in to see the set in a TV set! (cool huh?) We will be watching! Also- we have more exciting news! November or MOVEMBER is NO MO’ TAX at Paint it Like New! We love the idea of supporting cancer awareness and we want to see those mustaches! All month long we are offering our biggest discount of the year, so get in on the fun, and use that extra cash you ‘stached to support a friend, relative, neighbour or stranger growing epic facial hair this month!


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