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Located in Burlington, Ontario, Paint-it-Like-New! is a professional respraying service for furniture, doors and cabinets.

Save money and the planet!  Let Paint-It-Like-New! refinish your outdated or worn furniture to match your current lifestyle and decorating tastes. See our gallery of exciting before and after furniture restoration projects and get a quote on your furniture refinishing project.


Paint-It-Like-New! on City TV’s CityLine

May 23, 2010  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Furniture respraying is growing in popularity and so is Paint-It-Like-New!  Our recent appearance on City TV’s CityLine has gotten us a lot of attention.

More and more home owners are discovering the advantages of refinishing their outdated or unused furniture including doors, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, armoires, TV cabinets and headboards.  We were thrilled to be invited to showcase our fantastic furniture spraying success stories with the viewers of the GTA’s most decorating friendly television station.

Mint, Strawberry, Lavender *now I’m hungry* Pastel Palettes

July 22, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Lately there has been a huge shift away from greys and cool neutrals to happy and light hearted pastel colours. Amongst the most popular are robin’s egg blue, mint, lavender and pinks and yellows. Everywhere the delightful colours have be springing up, including in the home. We have been watching this trend and although it doesn’t happen often, we have been noticing light blue, yellow and even pink (Style at Home) kitchen doors coming through, which has inspired this post.

73dcb30f8ac4b751b4315b12c288b5e5 Mint, Strawberry, Lavender *now Im hungry* Pastel Palettes

Here is a pretty blue pastel colour with a hint of grey. It brings a pop of colour and some character to a into a room without being to overwhelming or harsh. In the photo below the dresser was painted in a soft coral, and with the gold accents it really up dates the whole space. Its a great way to add some amazing colour and life to any space, but still have a soothing, and soft effect.f6de25b0d5844c7ef39abbe10536b8e3 Mint, Strawberry, Lavender *now Im hungry* Pastel Palettes

So the question is what colour should you choose? This can be very overwhelming prospect, there are just so many choices! Keep it simple, pick your favourite colour, find some paint chips and look at the top two columns for a soft and delicate shade of your favourite colour. Not only are pastel colour pallets really in right now it is also a great way to push yourself outside the box of neutral tones – and into the  bright and vibrate world of colour!

Image 1 Mint, Strawberry, Lavender *now Im hungry* Pastel Palettes




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Distressed is the new black!

July 12, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Through Pintrest, DIY blogs and the ever popular “Shabby Chic” movement, tutorials about how to distress pieces of home decor and furniture seems to be  popping up all over the internet! It is a  fun, exciting (and cheap) weekend makeover but A LOT of people just don’t know where to start and most importantly when to stop.

Distressed bathroom Distressed is the new black!

  This distressed bathroom sink/vanity is a perfect example of the extreme end of distressing a piece. Very vintage, very rustic and a lot of character, this might be absolutely perfect for one person, and way too overwhelming for another. So we have decided to showcase the less extreme side of distressing furniture, and let everyone know it is possible to have a distressed look to a piece, BUT keep it simple and chic!

Chair distress Distressed is the new black!ditressed dresser Distressed is the new black!

This chair is what inspired us to write this post. We stumbled across this  blog on how to easily distress furniture without the mess of a stain! They actually used a paint pen after they sand the spots they wanted to distress, so they didn’t have to worry about fumes or a mess! And what they achieved  was a light distressed look that still looks clean and fresh. The dresser is the other photo also has a beautifully light distress that would look amazing in any space!

Also did you know Paint It Like New! Inc. will distress your furniture too! So not only do you get a stunning painted chair that is sprayed with our Sherwin Williams Interior Exterior Enamel, you can also ask for a light distress of your pieces as well (price varies depending on piece).Or you can try it yourself one weekend if you are feeling adventurous!


Let us know if you have distressed any pieces yourself by adding a photo and  #paintitlikenew on :





Have a FANTASTIC weekend and have fun experimenting with distressing !


New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

July 2, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

Hey everyone!

I’m sure you’ve all been recieving many emails about the new legislation that was put into effect July 1st. We would just like to do a quick head count of our customers that would still like to hear about all our exciting new projects, sales and other information we feel would benefit our customers. Please simply reply “No I would not like to continue to receive any promotions or updates from Paint it Like New! Inc.” and we will kindly remove you from our email list. No hurt feelings icon smile New Canadian Anti Spam Legislation

However, if you would like to continue we do need consent so a simple “Yes I would love to stay informed” than we can keep all these communication lines flowing, we promise not to clutter your inbox with multiple messages!

Hope you all had a lovely Canada Day!


The Paint it Like New! Inc Team

What an amazing time!

June 30, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

As most of you know Paint It Like New! Toronto took part in the follow the yellow brick road pride event happening on the lakeshore and it was FANTASTIC.

Not only did we get to reach out and be part this great community we also got to play and have fun with everyone in our  photo booth! 10448567 639858839438884 2992207539990094182 o What an amazing time!

It was fantastic, everyone had a great time including us (we defiantly got silly and took millions of pictures ) We got to interact with the people in our community and learn more out the neighbourhood we have moved to and all the amazing and  and supportive people that live around us.

Even Dorothy came by to visit!

10515319 639858989438869 6866307357715544876 o What an amazing time!

A big thanks goes out to the people who came out to support Toronto World Pride 2014 and the Follow The Yellow Brick Road event.

Your support means so much to the LGBTT community as well as us!

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10466985 639860776105357 7669621022602630688 o What an amazing time!10470883 639860516105383 3696892426193554629 o What an amazing time!

Happy Canada Day! Eh!!!

June 26, 2014  |  Paint It Like New  |  No Comments

We wish all of our friends and family a safe and happy July 1st, 2014

Our hours for the weekend are as follows; June 28th, open 10-5pm, Sunday closed, Monday, June 30th open 10-5pm and closed July 1st, 2014.

canada flag1 Happy Canada Day! Eh!!!

Unit 1A – 1254 Plains Road East, Burlington, Ontario L7S 1W6 Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.